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Turn Your RV into a Movie Theater and Video Game Room

If you are like most part-time RVers, for a substantial portion of the year your trailer sits unused. And whether it rests idle in storage or out in your driveway, you could be missing out on a lot of untapped potential when it's packed up and parked. So what are some of the ways you can utilize your rig even when you're not using it? Well, you could turn your RV into a movie theater and video game room! By transforming your interior into a mobile cinema or a gamer's oasis on wheels, you are creating a functional space that can be used for fun family movie nights or as an entertaining escape for the kids! And if you want to put some extra cash in your pocket during the RVing off-season, consider renting out the space for parties!

Maximizing Seating and Comfort

When turning your RV into a movie theater, seating will be a top priority. And because your guests will be seated for hours at a time, the seating should be more than just existent, it should be comfortable too! To maximize your seating, consider purchasing a set of compact chairs like these Ikea Poang Armchairs. For a more collapsible design, look into these plush club chairs. Hook on a cup holder to the armrest to create accommodations that mimic theater seating both in form and function! For ultra-comfy seating that more easily conforms to small spaces, go with bean bag chairs!

Adding an Entertainment System

The most important part of your RV conversion into a movie theater or game room will be the entertainment system. When it comes to screen size, bigger is indisputably better. Consider upgrading the size of your TV if you want to achieve the look of a movie theater, but if you are going for a game room, it may be smarter to opt for a smaller screen size that allows you to have more than one TV for a better multi-player experience. Don't skimp out when it comes to a sound system either. High-quality speakers are a must!

Perfecting the Atmosphere

While seating logistics and screen size are important, they are just pieces to an even greater puzzle. For a complete transformation, you need to create the proper ambiance too. For some inspiration on how to achieve the right vibe, check out these ideas: Retro Gamer's Paradise: For a novelty theme, find vintage consoles like Nintendo and Sega systems. Stock up on timeless games like Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros. Complete the look with a few of these pillows inspired by classic controllers!
Futuristic Gaming Pad: For a sleek hangout that specializes in state-of-the-art gaming, pair your Wii and Xbox systems with modern games like Skyrim and Call of Duty. Complete the look by adding stylish blue LED light strips to the space! Vintage Movie Theater: To replicate the look and feel of classic silver screens, add a red velvet curtain to your TV screen and set a compact popcorn machine on your kitchen countertop. If you opt out of the popcorn machine, then these popcorn fumigators are a must!
Movie Buff's Sanctuary: To satisfy true movie lovers, consider installing some dimmable lighting inside your RV. Stock your pantry with Raisinets, Junior Mints, and Red Vines, and set out a fizz soda maker too. Complete the look by hanging up fun movie posters on the walls. Drive-In Cinema: If your RV is equipped with an exterior entertainment center like the one in this Alpine 3500RL, move your seating outside and watch movies beneath a sky full of stars! Consider adding a screen room to your RV for more comfortable outdoor accommodations, or use a projector to enhance the screen size.
Like people, RVs don't like being pigeonholed. So don't limit your options by thinking your RV is only good for weekend trips to the campground! Turning your RV into a movie theater or video game room is just one of the many options you have for putting it to good use when it would otherwise be parked in storage. And if you deck out your RV well enough, you might even have a few takers eager to rent it out for birthday parties or tailgating events. Do you have any other ideas for how to use your RV when you're not traveling in it? Let us know in the comments, we'd love to hear your creative ideas!

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