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Adding a Screen Room to an RV Awning

The awning of your RV does a great job of extending out and protecting you from the sun and sometimes even a little rain. What really puts a damper on relaxing outside, especially when enjoying a meal, is insects! Citronella candles can only go so far and bug sprays aren't pleasant to wear. Adding a screen room to an RV awning allows you to set up a space where you can kick back and take advantage of the great outdoors, without the pests that come along with it! There are many choices when it comes to these handy accessories and they come from three main manufacturers including Carefree of Colorado, Lippert, and Dometic. Choosing the right one will depend on features you're looking for and also the type of RV and awning you have. They all seem really easy to install, as mostly it's just zippers and clips!

Carefree of Colorado

Carefree of Colorado makes a number of the awnings found on RVs today. They specialize in this area but also offer plenty of other RV and home items as well. They only have one screen room available at this time and that is the Buena Vista + model. This screen room can be set up in under 15 minutes and is light and easy to store when not in use. The support rafters inside keep the room taut and the ends lock tight against both the RV and the awning to prevent those flying or crawling creepers from making their way in! The company states that it fits traditional manual and power awnings with vertical arms between 10 and 21 feet.

Lippert Components

Usually when you think of Lippert you probably think of the leveling system. While this is one of their specialties, they also make a ton of other stuff for RVs such as electric breaks, furniture, solar panels, and much more. Awnings are another thing they offer and with that comes awning accessories! They offer two different types of screen rooms that have different features, the Solera Screen Room and the Solera Family Room.

Solera Screen Room

The Solera Screen Room is a basic screen room that keeps those nasty bugs out! It fits 10' to 20' awnings and will work with an awning that has rails up to 130" off the ground. All three sides are full screen so you can see in all directions. This room is great for relaxing but if you want some privacy to your room, you may want to take a look at the Solera Family Room.

Solera Family Room

The Solera Family room adds a few options and privacy! Like the Solera Screen Room, the Family Room also fits awnings 10' – 20' and will reach awning rails up to 130" of the ground. This room however also offers roll-down "all weather" panels that you can use to shut out rain or onlookers. This allows you to use this area not only as a space to relax, but also as added living space and even sleeping space.


If you've had anything to do with RVs for any amount of time you have most likely heard the name Dometic. These guys make all kinds of stuff such as refrigerators, furnaces, air conditioners, vent fans, and tons more! They also make awnings and are one of the major players when it comes to factory installed and aftermarket awnings. They also offer the most variety of screen rooms.

Cabana Dome Awning/Screen Room

This is a screen room and awning all in one! The Cabana Dome is a great choice for a pop up that does not already have an awning. It attaches to the top of the pop up and then rolls up into a storage bag that stays right on the outside of the RV so it take no interior space to put away. Set up is much like a tent and is easy to do!

Veranda Room

The Veranda Room connects to most awnings and you can choose to enclose the whole awning, or just part of it! Compatible with both power and manual awnings, they come in various heights so you can choose the one that fits your RV! This screen room also includes roll down panels that offer added privacy for busier campgrounds.


Turn the garage door of your toy hauler into a screen room with the Xtend-a-Room! This room comes in two sizes so you can get the correct one for your rig! With this screen room you can add up to 60 square feet of living space to your RV! This is just one more way to enjoy the multi-functioning RV that is the Toy Hauler! Each screen room sets up according to its own directions so ensure that you read them over when you get the one you choose. In looking over the instructions found on the manufacturers website, they all seem very easy to set up and take down and none take up much room when stored! Give yourself a nice place to enjoy the great outdoors without having pests fly around your head or land on that delicious plate of food you have in front of you!

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