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Repurpose Your Tackle Box Into a Handy First Aid Kit!

Maybe you got a new tackle box and want to do something with the old one. Maybe you got a new one as a gift, but still really like using the one your grandpa gave you! No matter what has brought you to having an extra, we have a use for it! Repurpose your tackle box into a handy first aid kit! Here’s what you'll need and how to do it!

What You Need

Treat common injuries by gathering up the supplies you’ll need to put your first aid kit together. Look around your home first and then make a shopping list based off items you don’t have on hand. Here’s what you'll want to have!

  • Bandages, different sizes and types

  • Antiseptic

  • Antibiotic ointment

  • Burn cream

  • Hydrogen peroxide

  • Rubbing alcohol

  • Gauze (pads and rolls)

  • Medical tape

  • Cotton swabs and balls

  • Disposable gloves

  • Thermometer

  • Nail clippers

  • Tweezers

  • Scissors

  • Instant cold compress

  • Space blanket

  • Sling

  • Elastic Ace bandage

  • Safety pins

  • Pain relievers such as Tylenol and Motrin

  • Allergy medications (include an epipen if someone has one)

  • Decongestants

  • Anti-diarrhea medication

  • Laxatives

  • Antacids

  • Anti-nausea medications

  • Small flashlight

  • Magnifying glass

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Eye drops

  • Hydrocortisone cream

  • Calamine lotion

  • Lip balm

  • List of emergency phone numbers

Putting It Together

Now that you have all your supplies you can start putting it together! The top rows of the tackle box are sectioned off so they’re great for things like bandages and other small items that may need to be grouped. This way you can have all your bandages laid out in front of you, but still have them separated and grouped by size. In an emergency you don’t want to have to spend extra time rummaging though a pile of bandages to find the right one. There’s no “right” way to organize things. Just make sure it’s in a way that you will be able to find what you need in a hurry.

The large bottom compartment is great for the bigger, bulkier items like bottles of antiseptic, boxes of medications, or that lovely pink bottle of Pepto that seems to fix any and all stomach ailments. If you have a box of tablets such as allergy pills or cold medicine and don’t want to have to bring the whole box, cut the instructions off the box, and tape it to the under side of the lid of the tackle box. You’ll find that things like allergy medicine will say what they are on the little packet that holds them, but not how many to take or how often. This way you can know exactly how much and when to take each thing, without having to make space for the packaging. If you don’t want to have to cut the box, throw it on a copy machine and make an extra copy of the instructions. Many times you can find these instructions on the website of the medication. Just ensure that it matches what is on the box!

For tips and tricks on managing your medications and prescriptions while traveling, click here!

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