Available Travel Trailer Bunkhouse Floorplans:

Eagle 284BHBE, Eagle 314BHDS, Eagle 314TSBH, Eagle 324BTS, Jay Feather Ultra Lite , Jay Feather Ultra Lite X213, Jay Flight 32TSBH, Jay Flight 33BHTS, Jay Flight 26BH, Jay Flight 28BHBE, Jay Flight 29QBH, Jay Flight 32BHDS, Jay Flight 32TSBH, Jay Flight 33BHTS, Jay Flight 36BHDS, Jay Flight Swift 264BH, Jay Flight Swift 267BHS, Jay Flight Swift 281BHS, Jay Flight Swift 287BHBE, Jay Flight Swift 294BHS, Jay Flight Swift SLX 154BH, Jay Flight Swift SLX 184BH, ReZerve RTZ26DT, ReZerve RTZ28BH, ReZerve RTZ31SB, ReZerve RTZ33BH, Rockwood Signature Ultra Lite 8311SS, Rockwood Signature Ultra Lite 8312SS, Rockwood Signature Ultra Lite 8327SS, Rockwood Ultra Lite 2702SS, Rockwood Ultra Lite 2905SS, Rockwood Ultra Lite 2909SS, Rockwood Windjammer 3006WK, SolAire 28QBSS, SolAire 209BH, SolAire 229BHS, SolAire 239DSBH, SolAire 25BHSS, SolAire 267BHSK, SolAire 269BHDSK, SolAire 28QBSS, SolAire 292QBSK, SolAire 307QBDSK, SolAire 317BHSK, SolAire 318TSBHK, Sunset Trail ST31SS, Sunset Trail 33FR, Sunset Trail ST28BH, Sunset Trail ST29SS, Sunset Trail ST32BH, Sunset Trail ST33BD, Sunset Trail Super Lite 240BH, Sunset Trail Super Lite ST270BH, Sunset Trail Super Lite ST290QB, Sunset Trail Super Lite ST300BH, Vibe 6504, Vibe 6504, White Hawk 28DSBH, White Hawk 23MBH, White Hawk 25BHS, White Hawk 28DSBH, White Hawk 30DSQB, White Hawk 31DSLB, White Hawk 33BHBS, Z-1 ZT252BH, Z-1 ZT252TD, Z-1 ZT301BH, Z-1 ZT302KB, Zinger ZT32QB, Zinger ZT26BH, Zinger ZT26DT, Zinger ZT28BH, Zinger ZT31SB, Zinger ZT32QB, Zinger ZT33BH, Zinger ZT39TS
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