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Palomino RV Dealer, Michigan New & Used RV Sales


For great RVs for a fraction of the cost, choose Palomino! A long tradition of quality and innovation sets Palomino apart from other top RV manufacturers! We are proud to offer several choice models of Palomino RVs here at Hamilton’s to fit the needs of any level of RV buyer!

It all started with one man’s vision for a better camper. In 1968, Vern Landey worked for a tent trailer distributor and decided he could make a better product. The result formed the Palomino company, which still crafts quality RVs of all varieties, for all levels of camping enthusiasts! The ever-expanding company still pushes itself to develop innovative, reliable RVs at a fraction of the cost of competitors, making traveling and camping fun affordable for all! Palomino is a division of Forest River, Inc., so it is assured that quality and commitment are present in every RV produced!

We have a great selection of Palomino RVs to choose from! The fantastic PaloMini is simple and straightforward with a compact floor plan perfect for adventurous couples and small families! For a roomier RV, check out the Puma XLE or SolAire Ultra Lite travel trailers, with simplistic designs with upscale features! We also carry lovely Puma Unleashed toy haulers, which are great for hauling things like dirt bikes, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and more! Check out our custom build page, which allows you to customize any model just the way you want it! Give us a call at 989-752-6262 with any questions!

2019 RV Overstock
2019 RV Overstock