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Why Newlyweds Should Honeymoon In an RV

Getting married is a huge milestone that most often leads to an unforgettable honeymoon! Going on a vacation after the wedding gives you both a moment to relish in the bliss of being newlyweds while spending quality time together. For those looking to have an unconventional honeymoon unlike any other, consider going on an adventurous RV road trip! While it may not sound like the most romantic way to spend your post-wedding vacation, no experience will better propel you into a successful marriage than going RVing together. Here are just some of the reasons why newlyweds should honeymoon in an RV!

You Don’t Have To Settle For a Single Destination

While a tropical stay in Bora Bora might sound like paradise, you’ll most likely spend your honeymoon sitting on the same beach, surrounded by the same faces, staring out at the same horizon day after day. In an RV, you don’t have to stay in the same place or see the same thing twice. You can experience a dozen different states all in the same trip, and if there’s a stop that’s just not doing it for you, you can always just put it in drive and move on to the next location.

You’ll Have a Better Honeymoon Story Than Your Friends

For as excited as you may pretend to be to hear about your newly-married friends' cliche island escape, it will pale in comparison to your adventures of traveling coast to coast with a camper in tow! Your stories might not be as glamorous and the water in your photos might not be quite as blue, but when you’re telling them about how you hiked the Zion Narrows, or rafted the Royal Gorge, or watched brown bears swipe salmon from the Brooks Creek in Alaska, you can be sure that they’re feeling a slight tinge of envy.

You’ll Learn Each Other’s True Living Habits

While this reason might be better discovered before you agree to spend your lives together, honeymooning in an RV will definitely give you a better idea of each other’s living habits. No environment better showcases your organizational flaws or obsessions better than small spaces. And after you’ve cohabited with one another in an RV for a couple of weeks, living together forever in a house will seem like a piece of cake!

You Can Find a Place To Settle Down

If you’re newly married, you might be looking for a place to call home. Maybe you want to find a charming town to settle down and raise a family in. Maybe you want to live in an area that appeals to your interests more than the place you came from. Exploring new towns and checking out new cities will give you a better sense of what it would be like to live there, and maybe you’ll discover a destination that the two of you would like to stay in.

You’ll Become Closer … Literally

Getting away from your friends, family, and familiar comforts will force you to rely on each other in a deeper way. Rather than having a stranger wait on you hand and foot at some overpriced resort, you’ll depend on one another. The challenges will be greater, but so will the payoffs. RVing together fosters a true sense of intimacy. And when times get tough, you’ll overcome them by growing closer together.

You’ll Get an Adventure That Replicates Real Life

Going honeymooning in an RV will give you the chance experience a one-of-a-kind adventure while working out the dynamics of your marriage. You might fight over who sits behind the wheel and you’ll have to manage a budget. But balancing control and worrying about money are actual factors that come into play throughout any marriage. But rather than working out the kinks post honeymoon, you’ll already have them figured out.

Honeymooning in an RV won’t just be a unique vacation, it will be an experience that changes who you are as individuals and as a couple. It will make you a better team. It will teach you how to become a stronger partner, and it will influence what your marriage looks like for the rest of your lives. So after you’ve said your “I do’s” and the cake has been cut, hop into your RV and hit the road with tin cans bouncing along on the pavement behind you.

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