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Why Aren't There Any Prices?

“Why aren't there any prices on here? How much is this RV?” We hear this often from our customers who are browsing our huge online inventory for a new RV. We don't post our new RV prices online for a few reasons and we want to share them with you!

Being located in the beautiful state of Michigan, we are surrounded by the gorgeous Great Lakes and close to many RV manufacturers that we work with. This close proximity means low delivery costs for us when we're receiving shipments of RVs to our dealership, and we are happy to pass along these savings to your, our valued customer. We also work hard to form good working relationships with our manufacturers so that we get amazing deals on RVs, which we also pass along to our customers! But along with these low costs comes a request from the manufacturers to not post our prices online. In the spirit of competition, they fear that if we post our unbeatable prices online, other RV dealers would not be able to compete and could potentially go out of business. So, to help level the playing field and keep the industry fair for everyone, we can not post our prices online. Instead, we ask that you contact one of our friendly, knowledgeable sales people who can help find you the perfect RV for you and your budget!

When you purchase an RV, there are a few factors that can affect the price of a unit. You may choose to add an exterior camp kitchen or an entertainment system to a base model. Or you may have a trade in that will apply a credit to your purchase. And often, we offer promotions and discounts that will reduce the price of an RV. For these reasons, any selling price that we would attach to a unit would not be correct. And if we can't show our best, lowest price, then we aren’t going to show any price at all!

Hamilton’s RV is one of the top RV dealers in the US. This is because we take the time to care about each and every customer and ensure that the RV you purchase fits your needs. Combining unbeatable pricing with excellent customer service means you get the experience of a lifetime!

Head on over to Hamilton’s RV and browse our expansive lot! We also have our entire inventory online, so feel free to check it out! You’ll notice the Hamilton’s difference right away!

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2019 RV Overstock
2019 RV Overstock