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When To Clean Your RV Roof

Planning the trip of a lifetime in your RV requires setting a route, making site reservations and researching scenic attractions. However, all these plans are for naught if you can’t guarantee a dry roof over your head. To prevent a rainy day from ruining the adventure, you should inspect the roof before every big trip and clean it at least four times a year. The method used for cleaning your RV roof depends on the material from which the roof is made.

Rubber Membrane Roofs

When inspecting your ethylene propylene diene m-class membrane roof, look for excessive levels of dirt and grime. Brush off loose material such as sticks and leaves and then apply a cleaner specifically intended for rubber roofs. Make sure the cleaner does not contain petroleum distillates. Otherwise, you may cause swollen patches to form between the rubber membrane and wooden frame. After applying the cleaner, scrub the EPDM roof in three-foot-squared sections at a time, occasionally rinsing your mop or sponge in a bucket of water. Finally, spray off excess residue with a hose and let your newly cleaned roof dry.

Fiberglass Roofs

Cleaning a molded fiberglass roof follows an RV roof maintenance procedure similar to an EPDM roof. Rinse the roof and scrub with cleaners and stain removers designated for the roof material. Be aware that fiberglass roofs have an additional step to maintain a special protective finish. Every three months, use a mildly abrasive wax to remove any signs of oxidation, which are indicated by rough patches in the otherwise glossy finish. Then apply a protectant to extend the life of the RV roof.

No matter the material, always check for cracks and tears during and after the cleaning process. Small injuries can be fixed with sealants and tapes. In the end, a little regular RV roof maintenance goes a long way. Protect your RV and the future trips it has yet to make with a thorough cleaning. You will be glad you did when weathering a thunderstorm during your next vacation.

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