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Wheelchair Accessibility And RVing

The beauty of RVing is that it allows virtually anyone to get out and experience nature in a comfortable, enjoyable way, and for those who use a wheelchair, there should be no exception! These tips and ideas for wheelchair accessibility and RVing will allow you to get out there and adventure the way you’ve always wanted to!

Advantages of a Wheelchair-Accessible RV

Travel can be a hassle when in a wheelchair. Everything from rental cars to hotels offer wheelchair accessible accommodations, but they may not always be available. Owning an accessible RV takes all the headache away from travel! You’ll have your own great place to stay that goes wherever you do! With some important modifications and careful planning, you can enjoy RVing to its fullest capacity!

What To Look For When Choosing an RV

When choosing an RV that’s right for you, there are a few factors you should consider that will save you money in the long run! If you do some research and find a great RV that best suits your needs, the less you’ll have to spend on making modifications! Here’s what to look for!

Type of RV

There are plenty of different types of RVs to choose from, but which is best for wheelchair accessibility? Really, if there is enough space for modification, you can choose whichever type of RV you’d like! However, a more spacious and flat model like a travel trailer or motorhome should be considered for space and easy access as they tend to be only one level unlike most fifth wheels.

If you’re not looking to make a lot of modifications, toy haulers are a great way to go! These RVs already come equipped with a ramp, which will make it easy to access! Simpler toy haulers tend to have one open room and a bathroom, which will make it easy to get around! Most of these types of toy haulers have furniture that is either removable or flips up out of the way, for even more space! Ultimately, the choice of what type of RV to get is entirely up to you!


You’ll want to consider the layout of an RV when choosing the perfect one for you! Look for a wide-body design, which will give you more room to turn around and move comfortably. You’ll want a floor plan that is more open, not constricted. Look for models with large slide outs, as they tend to open up the floor plan to make it pleasantly roomy! Plenty of RV models come with great large showers with seats, which could work well for you!

Customizing an RV

Don’t settle for an RV that you don’t completely love just because it doesn’t hit everything previously mentioned! There are great services available that will modify your RV and equip it with everything you’ll need to travel comfortably with a wheelchair!

The great things about customization shops is that they will work with you using the exact dimensions of your chair while keeping your full capabilities in mind. Common modifications include wider entry doors and interior aisles, installation of a wheelchair lift, a roll-in shower, and, if applicable, you can choose to alter the driving system of a motorhome to a hand-controlled system!

Although there are only a few, there are companies out there that specialize in producing wheelchair accessible RVs! Newmar makes a fantastic class A motorhome that is designed specially for wheelchair accessibility, and comes equipped with wheelchair-friendly features! Winnebago also offers a spectacular line of Ability Equipped motorhomes that cater to your specific needs!

Hopefully these tips and ideas for wheelchair accessibility and RVing will help you to get the RV of your dreams so you can enjoy one of the most relaxing pastimes of life! RVing is a way of life that is all about fun, togetherness, and easy travel, and we can’t wait to see you out on the road! Leave us a comment with any additional ideas you may have on wheelchair accessibility and RVing!

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