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Washer Toss

Washer Toss is an easy-to-play game that is cheap to make and fun for all ages. Construct and customize your own set with a few inexpensive materials. Then, bring it along on your next camping trip and get ready for some outdoor fun that will keep everyone entertained!

What You'll Need

  • (2) 15" x 15" wooden boxes (2 x 4s & plywood)

  • (2) 4" PVC Couplers

  • (8) Washers

  • Drill & Wood Screws

  • Table saw or jigsaw

  • Epoxy or Gorilla Glue

  • Spray Paint (At least 2 different colors)

How To Make

  1. Using 2 x 4s, construct two (2) square 15" x 15" boxes and secure with wood screws.

  2. Cut two (2) plywood sheets to size and secure each of them to the bottoms of both your newly constructed wooden squares.

  3. If you want to spray paint and customize your boxes, now is the time to do so. While you have your spray paint out, take half your washers and paint them. Take the other half and spray them with a different color so that you can differentiate between teams.

  4. Cut your PVC couplers to the height of your boxes and attach them to the centers using epoxy or gorilla glue.

  5. (Optional) Add rope handles to your boxes for easy transport.

How To Play

Set-Up: Place your boxes 25' apart from one another. Teammates will be at opposite ends of the playing field. Players stand beside one of the boxes and throw their washers toward the other. Players may not step past the front edge of the box they are standing next to. Objective: Your aim is to get all of your washers into the PVC "cup" in the center of the box, or as close as possible. Player 1 will throw all 4 of their washers, then their opponent, Player 2, will throw all 4 of theirs. After all washers are tossed, the round ends and points are tallied.
Point System: After each round, tally the score. Only one team can score per round, so if a player lands a washer in the same position as their opponent, the points will cancel out. If a washer lands in the cup, it's 5 points. If a washer lands in the box, it's 3 points. If a washer lands on the edge of the box or against the box, it's 2 points. Any washers within a foot outside of the box is a point that varies depending on your opponent's previous tosses. (closes one to the outer box) The team who scores last, regardless of if the points were cancelled out, throws first in the next round. Winning: The first player or team to reach exactly 21 points wins. If you go over 21, you reduce your score by the number of points you went over.
Now that you have what you need to play Washer Toss, it's time to start honing your skills! While this game is simple to construct, it's difficult to master, so get ready for hours of entertainment and friendly competition! For more fun games like Washer Toss, check out hillbilly golf, lawn bowling, or koob, and keep the fun times rolling!

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