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Uses for Coconut Oil in the Great Outdoors

Coconut oil is one of those things that people can use in every area of their life. From beauty and baking to pets and prevention, coconut oil is so versatile, everyone should have a jar of it in their cupboard.It can even be used in the great outdoors when you’re miles from civilization. Need help starting your campfire? Got it! Are spiders creeping around your RV? No problem! Got a boo-boo? It can help prevent an infection! Want to learn more? Keep reading about awesome uses for coconut oil in the great outdoors!

(Don't) Bite Me!

Heading into the great outdoors with your new camper from one of the best RV dealers in Michigan is exciting, but be ready to encounter bugs! Lots of bugs! And some of them bite and sting! It’s inevitable that you’ll end up with a few bites along the way, but you can arm yourself with coconut oil to soothe them. Smear a little solid coconut oil over your itchy bite or sting and rub it in until it’s melted. This should help reduce the itchiness and redness. Or if you’re crafty, try making one of these mosquito-repelling bracelets to stop the bites before they happen.

Soothe That Burn

Those warm, sunny days in nature can lead to an unwanted sunburn if you’re not diligent with your sunscreen. Good thing you brought your coconut oil along and can quickly start to soothe and cool that awful burn! Gently apply it to burned skin and you’ll start to feel relief in no time! Coconut oil also works to soothe a minor burn from a fire or boiling water (if it’s major, get medical help immediately!).

Beauty in a Jar

As a jack-of-all-trades, coconut oil has unlimited uses for personal hygiene! In the great outdoors you can put it to good use to: remove eye makeup, moisturize your face at night, coat dry lips, shave your legs, soothe an upset stomach, and so much more! One jar has a million uses!

Let’s Get Cookin’!

Anytime you go to put a pat of butter or a splash of oil in a pan to cook with, use coconut oil instead! It’s healthier, adds a great nutty flavor to any dish, and melts quickly and easily. Saginaw’s leading RV dealer sells travel trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers, and more that come equipped with exterior kitchens or side-mounted grills so you can easily sauté the catch of the day or grill some delicious burgers.

Light Your Fire

Don’t struggle with getting your campfire going ever again when you travel with a jar of coconut oil! Simply melt some coconut oil, dip a few cotton balls into it, and toss them into your tinder. They’ll easily catch on fire and you can get down to the business of relaxing with your favorite beverage under the shade of your fifth wheel’s awning!

Arachnophobia Spray

Even if you don’t have a fear of spiders, that doesn’t mean you want them shacking up in your RV’s exterior storage compartments. To keep them in the great outdoors (where they belong!), make a mixture of 1 part melted coconut oil/1 part cider vinegar and pour it into a spray bottle. Spritz it on the inside of your exterior storage compartments and around the openings to them. The vinegar scent will only last a few days, but it should keep the area spider-free for a few weeks. Repeat when you see spiders reappear. If you’re not one for packing lightly, you’ll find many RVs at Hamilton’s in Saginaw that have spacious pass-thru storage compartments for all your camping gear.

Treat Your Furry Friend

If you travel with your four-legged friend(s), you can use coconut oil to keep them healthy and happy. Melt some coconut oil, dip a cotton ball into it, and gently swipe the inside of your dog’s ears with it to keep infection at bay. Or apply it to their hot spots for relief. For your cat, put a swipe of solid coconut oil on the tip of their nose and let them lick it off. This will help reduce those annoying fur balls. And the next time you’re rubbing your best friend’s belly, smooth a little coconut oil on the pads of their paws to soothe and soften them.

Prevention is Key

Camping runs the risk of cuts and scrapes when hiking in the woods or building a campfire. If you end up with a small wound, cover it with a little coconut oil to help prevent an infection from setting in. Stash a small amount of it in your RV’s repurposed first aid kit for safe keeping!

Who Let the Dogs Out?

After hiking in the Rocky Mountains all day, you’ll probably have some sore, sweaty feet! Combat bacteria and fungus growth by treating your feet to a rub down of coconut oil. Or, better yet, settle in on your plush sofa in your sprawling fifth wheel and let your significant other rub the coconut oil on for you!

Need a Plumber?

If you happen to eat too many ooey-gooey s’mores and not enough fiber-rich apples and now you’re suffering from constipation, let coconut oil help loosen things up. Ingest a couple tablespoons of coconut oil (melted into hot water or coffee, baked into scrambled eggs) and you should be back to normal in no time.

With so many ways to use coconut oil in the great outdoors, it’s about time you got out there and experienced nature for yourself. Visit Hamilton’s RV, Michigan’s premier RV dealer, to shop an enormous inventory of new and used RV. With special financing, worldwide delivery, service after the sale, and extended warranties, there’s no reason to shop anywhere else! Save $1000s when you shop at Hamilton’s!

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