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There Once Was a Skunk: A Fun Campfire Game!

The campfire is stoked, the sun is setting, and everyone is seated around the fire in anticipation of a fun, relaxing evening. After a tiring day of hiking the trails and exploring in nature, it's time to take it easy and unwind. For an easy campfire activity, pass the s'mores and give this silly game a try. You'll discover just how easy it is for your family to have a raucous time together in the great outdoors — no electronics allowed! Make fun memories by playing this There Once Was a Skunk game. Don't worry, no real skunks included!

How To Play:

1. This game is played best with a large group of people so there's a variety of different responses. Have everyone sit in a circle facing each other (around a campfire/bonfire, large picnic table, etc.). 2. One person starts the game by stating, "There once was a skunk who ..." This person can add any ending he wishes onto the sentence. 3. Once he finishes his sentence, he points to someone in the circle and that person continues the story with another sentence. But this person must start her sentence with, "Fortunately ..." 4. Once she says her sentence, she points to someone new for a sentence and he must start his sentence with, "Unfortunately ..." 5. This continues on, alternating between fortunately and unfortunately, for as long as your group wants to continue.

Your skunk story could go a little something like this: "There once was a skunk who liked to sunbathe." "Fortunately, he looked good with a tan." "Unfortunately, he forgot his sunscreen and got a bad sunburn!" "Fortunately, his friend had aloe and rubbed it on his burned belly." "Unfortunately, he didn't know that he was allergic to aloe." "Fortunately, there was a lake nearby and he jumped in to wash it off." "Unfortunately, he didn't know how to swim!"

This fun game can take so many twists and turns from the first sentence that everyone will be rolling with laughter! The more bizarre the sentences are, the funnier it will be! This game epitomizes the nature of camping — relaxed, spontaneous, and always a good time! Do you RV? Are you interested in giving it a try? It won't disappoint! Visit us in Saginaw or check us out online to get a feel for our impressive inventory of new and used RVs that are ready to take on the open road with you! Our unbeatable prices and no-money-down special financing make it easy and affordable to find the perfect RV for you. Can't come to mid Michigan? Let our worldwide, store-to-door shipping work for you! In no time your family will be gathered around the campfire making lifelong memories and playing fun games like this!

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