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The Most RV Friendly US National Parks

There are 58 national parks in the United States, each one offering its own unique window into the natural world. Whether you want to gaze out at majestic landscapes, see untamed wildlife, or experience the diverse habitats of our breathtakingly beautiful country, a trip to one of our many national parks is a great option for a fun RVing adventure! After researching and examining each park based on their natural attractions and camping options, we’ve narrowed down a top-10 list, in no particular order, of the most RV friendly US national parks. Check them out and start planning your adventure today!

Redwood National Park | California

Renowned for the massive trees that make up its awe-inspiring forests, the Redwood National Park is well worth marveling at! When you hitch up your RV and head here you’ll find three different campgrounds within the park that are able to accommodate RVs up to 36 feet long. Although none of them offer hookups, they do provide shower houses and restrooms, and two of them have dump stations. Reservations are accepted, and because of the popularity of the park, it is recommended that you make them well in advance.

Rocky Mountain National Park | Colorado

This hiker’s paradise boasts more than 300 miles of trails that offer picturesque peaks, panoramic views, and lovely picnic areas perfect for taking a break and resting your feet. Four out of the five campgrounds located within the Rocky Mountain National Park are RV friendly, with maximum RV lengths ranging from 30-40 feet long. When you camp here you’ll be nestled in amongst towering Douglas firs and Ponderosa pines. Most offer flush toilets and only one operates on a first come, first served basis without reservations.

Grand Canyon National Park | Arizona

This geological wonder needs no introduction, and if you haven’t been to this park before, it’s time to start planning your trip! While there are a range of campgrounds located within its boundaries, the best place to stay during a visit to the Grand Canyon National Park is the Trailer Village RV Park. It is the only in-park campground that offers full hookups and it can accommodate rigs up to 50 feet long! A dump station, laundry facility, and coin-operated showers are also on site. Reservations are recommended.

Yellowstone National Park | Wyoming

Whether you want to see steaming geysers, colorful hot springs, or untamed wildlife, the Yellowstone National Park has it all! Additionally, there are 12 campgrounds located within the park with a number of them able to accommodate RVs, but only one campground offers full hookups. This campground is the Fishing Bridge RV Park, and it offers 325 sites open only to hard-sided units due to the grizzly bear population in the area. This RV park offers flush toilets, laundry and shower facilities, and reservations are accepted.

Mammoth Cave National Park | Kentucky

As the world’s longest-known cave system, the Mammoth Cave National Park is a shadowy labyrinth of chambers and stalagmites hidden beneath the hilly landscape of Kentucky. Three campgrounds are located within the park, with the largest of them being the Mammoth Cave Campground which is the only RV-friendly campground in the park. Showers, flush toilets, and a dump station can be found on-site, although hookups are not offered. Located just a quarter mile from the park’s visitor center, staying here will put you in close proximity to all of the action.

Acadia National Park | Maine

Settle alongside the vast waters of the Atlantic during your stay at Acadia National Park and spend your days cruising scenic roads, exploring diverse tide pools, and hiking to the top of picturesque granite peaks for unforgettable views of this rugged coastal region. Three of the in-park campgrounds are open to RVers, with the Schoodic Woods Campground being the only one that offers full hookup services. Regardless of what campground you decide to stay at, each accepts reservations and it is recommended that you make them well in advance of your arrival.

Crater Lake National Park | Oregon

Regarded by many as the most pristine lake on earth, this aquatic wonder is a sight to behold! The Crater Lake National Park’s main attraction formed after a volcano collapsed and created what is now the deepest lake in the entire United States. Two campgrounds are located within the park, Mazama Campground and Lost Creek Campground, although Mazama Campground is the only one open to RVers. It can accommodate rigs up to 50 feet in length and electric hookup sites are limited. A restaurant, gas station, and dump station are all located on site, and reservations can be made.

Everglades National Park | Florida

This wetland preserve is rich with coastal mangroves, diverse habitats, and endangered wildlife. During your stay at the Everglades National Park you can take a boat tour, a tram ride, or a casual stroll down one of the many scenic boardwalk trails. Wonderful camping opportunities are offered here as well. Two of the campgrounds in the park accommodate RVs, and these would be the Long Pine Key Campground and the Flamingo Campground. Neither of them offer hook-ups but they do provide restrooms, dump stations, and fresh drinking water. Reservations are recommended, especially if you want to get a site at the Flamingo Campground.

Badlands National Park | South Dakota

The name might sound a little deceiving because we can assure you that there is nothing but goodness found in the Badlands National Park. Offering a rugged blend of striking geologic formations and expansive prairies, there is plenty to feast your eyes on when you make the trip here. Plan your stay at either the Sage Creek Campground or the Cedar Pass Campground. Be warned that Sage Creek is more of a rustic campground and might be difficult to access with a larger RV, but on the flip side it is free of charge. Cedar Pass however is much more accommodating for RV access and it even offers electric hookups.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park | Tennessee

Offering historical richness fused with an untamed and mysterious allure, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a beautiful expanse filled with wildlife, wildflowers, and wonderful mountain views. When you pack up the RV and head here you’ll be welcomed by 10 campgrounds. Of these campgrounds, Cades Cove, Cosby, Deep Creek, Look Rock, and Smokemont campgrounds have dump stations. All campgrounds offer restrooms, and each campsite features a fire grate and picnic table. No hookups or showers are located within the park. Half of the campgrounds accept reservations, while the rest operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

Have you been to one of these RV-friendly national parks? Tell us about your experience by leaving a comment!

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