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Simple 5-Step Bike Rack Installation

If you’re hitting the road in your RV with the family, you might be taking a few bicycles with you – which means you need to attach an RV or motorhome bike rack before leaving. If you know how to attach your spare tire, chances are good that you also know how to install a bike rack. Try these steps for simple installation:

1. Check Manufacturer Rating for RV Bumper Carry Weight

One of the most convenient and best RV bike rack options attaches directly to your RV bumper. Your first move should be to look at your owner’s manual and determine what the carry weight limit is for your bumper. Most bumpers can hold a spare tire plus a bike rack with a few bikes, but not much more.

2. Adjust Spare Tire Position

If you’ve already attached your spare tire to the bumper of your RV, you may need to move it before you have space for the bike rack and the bikes it will hold. You don’t want your bikes to be sticking off the side of the RV, so loosen the bolts on your spare tire rack and slide it to the side where you want it to sit.

3. Attach and Center Bike Rack Following Manufacturer’s Instructions

Center your bike rack on its desired side. Most bumper racks attach with U-bolts – tighten these down just a bit and make sure a bike will sit on the rack properly without sticking too far out the side.

4. Make Sure Brake Lights and License Plate Are Visible

Check that your brake lights and license plate will be visible to other drivers on the road. Adjust the position of the spare tire and bike rack as necessary.

5. Tighten Down Rack and Spare Tire

Now, you can tighten down the bolts on both the rack and spare tire, and you’re done! Hamilton’s RV has plenty of bike-friendly RV options, and we’re happy to answer your installation questions and more.

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