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See Nature In a Whole New Way: Wingsuit Flying

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wonder what it would feel like to be a flying squirrel”? Well, you don’t have to wonder any longer thanks to wingsuit flying! You’ll see nature in a whole new way as you dive from planes and cliffs and soar above the scenery! It’ll be one crazy RV trip indeed, so bring along one of these toy haulers for sale in Michigan, which feature plenty of space for wingsuit flying gear!! Definitely make this an addition to your bucket list!


Wingsuit flying is an awesome extreme sport that is similar to skydiving but with some differences. Instead of normal skydiving equipment, wingsuiters wear specially designed suits, which feature wings and extra fabric between the flyer’s legs, which are fondly referred to as “flying squirrel suits” or “birdman suits” because they look so much like flying squirrels or birds. These suits allow flyers to control their lift, direction, and speed, and can travel farther distances at a slower rate than skydivers. But wingsuits are by no means slow! The world record speed for wingsuit flying clocks in at 226 miles per hour!


Wingsuit flying can be done in plenty of different ways, which can keep even the most extreme thrill seekers on their toes. Here are some exciting ways that wingsuiters enjoy this insane sport!

Wingsuit Base Jumping

Base jumping has been a favorite activity for extreme sports enthusiasts for years, but base jumping in a wingsuit is even more intriguing! The thrill of speeding down the side of a cliff and gliding above the treetops will be an exhilarating experience, to say the least!

Proximity Flying

For the most daring wingsuit flyers, proximity flying is perhaps one of the most dangerous activities out there! Meant for the most advanced flyers, this variation of base jumping requires fliers to plan a careful path, where they pass closely by or through stationary objects! These precise jumps can go very wrong, which adds to the thrill, but should only be attempted by extremely experienced fliers.


If a solo flight doesn’t suit your fancy, flocking could be the way to wingsuit for you! This version of wingsuit flying involves a group of wingsuiters coming up with a planned formation beforehand, then taking to the sky for a group flight. Groups can be small in size, or can include dozens of flyers, which is called bigway flocking!

Demo, Artistic, and Stunts

Like any awesome extreme sport, wingsuit flying features awesome stunts and displays so enthusiasts and onlookers can enjoy the show too! Demo is probably the most fun for audiences, which is an event where groups of fliers perform organized jumps with awesome formations, oftentimes landing in stadiums or on sports fields! Artistic jumps are events where couples and small groups perform a series of flips, rolls, and other maneuvers, which are filmed mid-air by an additional flier with a camera, and are judged based on the footage! If you’re looking to break the mold, stunts are meant to push the extreme boundaries of wingsuit flying, with fliers dodging obstacles, jumping from helicopters, and extreme landing without parachute deployment. Don’t try this at home, kids!


Logically so, wingsuit flying is not a sport that you can just walk off the street and (literally) jump into! It requires substantial previous experience, and a certain set of skills for ultimate safety. The United States Parachute Association requires that first-time wingsuit jumpers complete at least 200 free-fall skydives over the previous 18 months, and must receive instruction from an experienced wingsuit jumper. Alternatively, first-time jumpers may make their first jump without an instructor if they have completed 500 jumps total. So if you’d like to try out wingsuit flying, you’ll have to make skydiving a dedicated hobby!

What do you think? Is wingsuit flying the extreme sport for you? Even if you don’t want to be the one making the jump, you can pack up the RV and catch a demo! You’ll appreciate our huge selection of RVs for sale near Muskegon, Michigan, so stop by today and choose an RV that can keep up with your adventurous lifestyle! Leave us a comment to share any wingsuit stories you may have!

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