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Peel & Stick Tile: A Simple RV Aesthetic Update

Does your older RV need some updating in the kitchen? Or does your newer RV just not have the character you're looking for in the bathroom? While you may feel that you're destined to live with an RV that has bare, factory-installed kitchen walls or a bathroom that doesn't have any pizzazz to it, don't despair! There's a quick upgrade you can easily do yourself that's inexpensive and fun. With peel & stick tiles, you're no longer stuck with walls that fall flat. This simple RV aesthetic update will transform your monochromatic walls into an eye-catching focal point inside your RV. Let's take a look at this ingenious invention and see how easy it is to makeover your RV and give it instant flair and personality!

Peel & Stick Tile? Yes, Please!

Imagine having the stunning look of tile without the maintenance that comes along with it—specifically, no pesky grout to clean! How a-peeling, right? I know, this sounds like a far-fetched dream to those of us who have spent countless hours scrubbing grout in kitchens and bathrooms, but it's no more of a dream than mind-blowing maple bacon donuts. A few brands, including SmartTiles and StickTiles, have answered the call for an easy-to-install backsplash that has the look of tile but with the simple maintenance of laminate. I'm sold!
Peel and stick tile is the perfect aesthetic makeover for RVs in so many ways! First, the tiles are flexible and easy to cut with a utility knife or even scissors, making them a cinch to install in cramped RV spaces. Second, unlike real tile, there's no dust that results from cutting them. Your RV will stay dust-free and you'll enjoy an easy clean up once they're adhered to the walls. Third, they're super lightweight, so by adding them to your RV, you're not altering the weight of it (and we all know how conscious we have to be about our RV's GVWR). Imagine how much heavier your RV would be to tow after installing a kitchen or bath full of tile! Yikes! And lastly, they're just a fraction of the cost of real tile! We all want our RVs to feel like home, especially if we're full-timers or taking off on extended trips, but that doesn't mean we want to pay an arm and a leg for the real thing when we can get the same high-end look for a whole lot less! After all, wouldn't you rather spend that money on whale watching trips, horseback riding, mountain climbing expeditions, and other incredible adventures when you're living the life in your RV?

Peel & Stick Without Pulling Your Hair Out!

Don't even think about calling an installer to help you with this easy DIY project! It's never been easier or more affordable to give your RV that high-end look than it is with peel and stick tiles! I'm all for faking the fancy stuff, so I'm a big fan of these! Installing the sheets of tile is really a 1-2-3-4 process. First, clean the surface with a degreaser, such as TSP (trisodium phosphate), and let it dry completely. The ideal temperature during install is between 65°-95° degrees and the tile sheets should be at room temp. Second, use a level to draw a horizontal line on the wall at the height of the first row of tiles. Third, measure the area and then cut your tile sheets accordingly. Since they're so flexible, it's easy to fit them over and around areas that need to be bypassed, like outlets and light switches. Lastly, working with one tile sheet at a time, peel half of the backing off of the sheet and begin to stick it to the wall. As you press it firmly in place, peel the rest of the backing off and smooth it on entirely with the back of your hand. The special adhesive on the tiles makes it easy to remove and reposition the tiles if they're not correctly put in place as long as firm pressure hasn't been applied.
Available in colors and designs to meet anyone's style, the sky is the limit when it comes to updating and upgrading your RV's interior with peel & stick tiles. Whether you're wanting to spruce up the kitchen in your modern little Hummingbird travel trailer or give your Octane ZX toy hauler a more designer feel in the bathroom, there is a tile just right for you! If you're in the market for a new or used RV, visit Hamilton's RV in Saginaw, where you can browse our huge selection of motorized and towable RVs that have lovely kitchens and baths that already have designer backsplashes—no updating needed. Or get a great deal on a pre-owned model and wow your friends with before and after pictures of your fancy new backsplashes! Stuck in an RV shopping rut? Call, click, or visit us today to save $1000s on the RV of your dreams!

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