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How Your RV Can Save You From A Zombie Apocalypse

RVing is all fun and games until the zombie apocalypse arrives. Sure, these handy campers are fine and dandy for family road trips and quaint camping excursions, but at the first sign of a zombie outbreak, the survival advantages of RVs will quickly outshine their wealth of recreational benefits. So if you've got an RV now, be aware that once the apocalypse hits you'll have one of the most coveted and highly-prized vehicles out there. And if you don't have an RV yet, well, you better get one... Here's how your RV can save you from a zombie apocalypse

The Perks of Portability

When it finally happens and the dead start walking, you're going to want to head to less-inhabited areas. Densely populated cities will be most at risk, and it will take longer for the infection to spread to remote locations. When you have an RV, you can easily pack up and move to safe zones without having to leave all the comforts of home behind. Being entirely mobile can mean the difference between life and death (good luck hoofin' it to safety). When you stay in one place, you're more likely to encounter zombies, but when you move around smartly, you can avoid them all together.

Stock Up On Supplies

There are bare essentials that human beings need to survive, even without the threat of a zombie attack. These necessities include water, shelter, food, and basic supplies. But post-apocalypse, that list grows even longer. Luckily, with an RV, you'll have plenty of space to stock up and horde everything you need. Fill your overhead cabinetry with survival items, transform your wardrobes into an arsenal for weaponry, and pack your pass-through compartments with useful gear and equipment. By installing solar panels on your RV, you can also limit your dependency while enhancing your self-sufficiency!

Master Survival Quickly

If you're an avid RVer, you're basically a zombie-apocalypse-survivor in training. A lot of the skills acquired through RVing and camping can be applied to an apocalyptic scenario. First, you'll already have most of your must-have gear packed and ready to go. You probably have some basic expertise in wilderness survival or living off the land. And you're no stranger to a more simplified way of life. RVers also stand the best chance of surviving the immediate outbreak because most campgrounds and RV parks are located in wooded, remote areas, making them less susceptible to attacks. A campground also offers an ideal safe zone because it can be secured and protected by a community of like-minded RVers who possess the knowledge and skills needed to thrive together.

Keep Your Options Open

We at Hamilton's RV aren't the only ones who understand how your RV can save you from the zombie apocalypse. In fact, just a few years ago a company began transforming a massive limestone cave in Kansas into an underground apocalypse-proof RV park capable of housing around 1,500 RVs. This underground bunker would offer refuge to RVers in the event of a catastrophe, however, due to arising concerns over the geological stability, the bunker was never completed. This isn't to say that similar citadels won't be established in the near future, so have your RV ready in order to keep your options open.
Get ready for the apocalypse before it's too late by stopping into Hamilton's RV today to get your zombie-proof rig! We've got everything from durable toy haulers to rugged, road-ready motorhomes. And until the zombie plague is upon us, you can still use your new RV for fun camping excursions and cross country road trips!

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