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How To Repair RV Shades

Loose pleated night shades getting you down? Though it seems like a process that's a royal pain in the rear, fixing your RV shades isn't that bad of a task after all! It just takes some patience and a little bit of brain power, and is actually a lot easier than many other RV maintenance tasks that you have to do! Let's find out just how easy it is to repair RV shades!

How To Repair RV Shades

  1. Remove bottom spools, then remove valances (lambrequin). If shades are screwed into the lambrequin, unscrew them. If they're attached by a bracket, pop the brackets off with a screwdriver.

  1. Use a flat head screwdriver to remove the end caps off of each end of the rails.

  1. Remove the top and bottom rails carefully, then remove the bottom shades from the rail, leaving it attached to the upper shades. Be sure not to mess up the position of the cord. Remove the cord from the cord retainers (little spools at the bottom).

  1. Once you have the rails removed, take a close look at how the cords are set up. If you won't remember the cord setup, draw a diagram of the cords so that you restring them the exact same way. Pay attention to when the cords cross and which side they thread through. This is especially important if you're restringing blinds with four strings versus two.

  1. Once you've drawn your diagram and are 100% sure that you have it right, remove the strings from the blinds.

  1. Cut new lengths of the cord, using the old string for reference, then add about six inches extra for room for knots.

  1. Attach new string to each side of the spring found at the top of the blinds.

  1. Keeping the spring in the middle, thread the cord through the holes and down through the first layer of shades. Perform the necessary crosses in the cord, then string them through the lower level of shades, crossing again at the bottom.

  1. Carefully replace the top rail, then replace the end caps.

  1. Reattach the bottom shades to the top part via the center rail, then replace end caps.

  1. For the bottom, slide the lower rail onto the shades, making sure the old ends do not untwist. Thread the bottom of the cord through the end caps before replacing them on the bottom rail.

  1. At this point, make sure that the amount of string hanging down on each side is about the same length. If they are not the same length, it means that the spring is off center at the top, and you should shimmy the cords until they are equal.

  1. Next place the cord through the cord retainers. Do not loop it around or tie them; simply place it so that the cord moves from the top down out the bottom.

  1. Pull the wall anchors up to the bottom of the shades, which should be folded up in their 'closed' position.

  1. Reattach your blinds to the wall. Once they are secure, pull down the wall anchors until they are at the spot where they were screwed in before. Screw them back in tightly.

  1. Test your shades. They should move freely, without getting stuck and without falling down on their own. Adjust the cords accordingly, then cut off the excess cord.

  1. Reattach the window valances if you haven't already, and then kick back and enjoy the shade!

Wasn't that relatively simple? Sure, it probably won't be at the top of your "favorite chores" list, but it's not so bad! Just follow these easy steps on how to repair RV shades and your rig will look like new! If you just don't want to bother with RV renovations, come on down to Hamilton's RV today! We carry the nation's top brands of RVs for sale in Saginaw, Michigan! Choose us and save thousands on a new travel trailer, fifth wheel, or toy hauler! Shop in-store or online now and forget about those day/night shades altogether! Have an easier way to repair RV blinds? Leave us a comment with your helpful pointers!

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