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How To Prep Your RV For a Long Winter Sit

Winter is here you're not a snowbird looking to camp in the winter, now is the time to get your RV for winter storage if you haven't already! Although it can be a bit of a tedious task, it is vital for keeping your RV in good working order so that it will have a longer life! Here are some important steps on how to prep your RV for a long winter sit!

Interior Preparations

Preparing the inside of your RV for winter It is important to first of all note that a great place to start when getting your RV ready for winter storage is to refer to your owner's manual! This will give you some specific instructions on how to properly shut down and store different components of your RV, and it'll save you time between guesswork and Googling for info!

First things first, get all food items out of the RV! Don't assume that because food items are in a sealed container that they'll be fine. Get them out! Make sure you empty out the refrigerator too! It would be a horrific surprise to open up the refrigerator come spring to find spoiled food and an overload of moldy goodies. Clear everything out, and let it air out to get rid of funky odors.

Next, remove all your clothing, toiletries, and anything else you don't want to be damaged. Bust out your mop and bucket and clean your entire RV from top to bottom, front to rear, and make sure there isn't any food or even any crumbs left. It'll temp rodents, bugs, and any other pests, who will see that as an open invitation to stay for the season. You're not trying to run a creepy crawly bed and breakfast here!

Winterizing Water Systems

Winterizing your RV Winterizing your water system is important to avoid costly damage to your RV when colder weather hits. This prevents water in your water lines from freezing and bursting or cracking, which will cause a lot of strife come springtime! Check out this complete guide to winterization for more information!
Exterior Preparations

Preparing the exterior of your RV for winter

Getting your RV's exterior in great shape is just as important as preparing the interior! Take your eagle eye to check every inch of your rig for holes, cracks, and other imperfections that will cause you problems down the road.

After you inspect, wash and wax your RV! Water won't be getting in now, so go ahead and give your rig a good scrub!

When it's time to store your RV for its long winter sit, location is key. Ideally, you'll want to find an indoor storage facility, but they can be pretty pricey! Same goes for self-storage businesses, and you likely won't even be able to store it inside! If you're going to keep your RV at home for the winter months, look into a carport that will keep the sun and snow off you RV. If you can't make this happen, purchase an RV cover for both your rig and tires. Just be warned that covers aren't bulletproof, pests may still be able to get in, and the elements may get the best of it, especially if it was used a few seasons.

Now that your RV is all set for winter, you can have some peace of mind knowing that it's safe and sound! Just remember that when in doubt, check your owner's manual for specific information and instructions! Hopefully this guide on how to prep your RV for a long winter sit will have your RV safe, sound, and ready for camping fun in the spring! What other important tips do you have for winter storage? Comment to share your thoughts!

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