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How To Choose A Golf Cart To Take RVing

Full-time RV living can be a lot of fun, especially if you choose to live in an RV park or campground! There are usually a lot of other full-timers there too, and it can be a fun community to live in, with neighbors becoming friends! Golf carts are a huge part of full-time campground living, as they provide a fun and easy way for you to quickly go to visit friends, visit the bath houses, make trips to the camp store or clubhouse, or just to enjoy a fun zip around the park! If you’ve made the decision to purchase a golf cart but don’t know where to start, here are some pointers on how to choose a golf cart to take RVing!

Gas Vs. Electric

The biggest decision, and the first step of purchasing a golf cart is the decision between a gas or electric golf cart! Each have their advantages and disadvantages, so you should consider which will better fit your needs! It is also very important to note that some campgrounds and RV parks might have restrictions against one type or another, so if you’re already full-time living in a location, you will have to double check the park rules before purchasing!

Gas Golf Carts


Gas powered golf carts only need to be refueled, verses having to sit out of commission while charging batteries. A tank of gas also lasts longer than a battery charge, which can only sometimes be a day or two depending on your batteries. Gas models are also more often designed for more rugged terrain, so they have more horsepower and can power up hills and rough landscapes easier!


With these golf carts, you have to physically go out to obtain fuel and bring it back in order to power your cart. They also require regular tuneups for maintenance, which means you’ll have to transport them to a shop. They’re quite noisy and let off a lot of fumes, which can be bothersome to you and those around you. Gas carts tend to be a little more pricey, and with the recurring price it takes to fill the tank, it’s not exactly light on the wallet.

Electric Golf Carts


Electric golf carts are more convenient than gas-powered carts, and are better for the environment as well! Their batteries are rechargeable, and if properly maintained, can potentially last up to 10 years! Recharging the battery is usually as easy as plugging into an outlet, and you won’t have to worry about current gas prices! They are substantially quieter, and odorless making them preferable to those bothered by noise and exhaust. Another plus is that the price for electric carts is generally cheaper than their gas counterparts.


Electric carts have to be recharged frequently, which usually takes quite a while, and has to be done anywhere from once a day to every few days. The batteries require a lot of maintenance, and if you don’t keep them in good shape, you’ll be forced to replace the batteries sooner rather than later, which is a very costly expense. Some features that you might find necessary, like a radio, will run down the battery faster and shorten the battery life. They’re slower and less powerful than gas carts, and challenging terrain will also drain the battery quickly.

Features & Upgrades

Many people love adding fancy features to their golf carts, that way they have a fun and smooth ride! You’ll want to consider which features you’d like when choosing a golf cart, like carrying capacity, if you’d like a canopy to protect from rain and debris, and safety features like headlights, seat belts, and windshields. You can even spring for the fun stuff, like radios, drink holders, LED lights, air conditioners, and much more! If you want to take it a step further, you can get a custom build, paint job, or designs added!

New Or Used?

Depending on your needs, budget, and anticipated use, you may be considering purchasing a used golf cart. If you think you won’t use your cart heavily, and might be willing to put a little work into maintaining or fixing up the cart, a used model might be a good choice for you! If you do go that route, just be sure to look into past ownership and how well it has been maintained to ensure you don’t buy a bad cart. If you’re looking for a model for long-term or frequent use, it might be worth the investment to purchase a new cart. You will have more assurance that all systems work, you can choose your customizations, and there will more than likely be a warranty that will cover any malfunctions!

Now that you have a good basis of knowledge on how to choose a golf cart to take RVing, you can make a well-informed decision on which golf cart is best for you! Have any other useful tips for purchasing a golf cart? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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