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Holiday Cheer: Create Your Own RV Ornaments

RVing is a big part of your life, so why not make holiday decorations that complement it? These little RV-shaped ornaments are perfect for representing you and your passion! Consider making extras, as your RVing friends might want some too after they see how cute they are! These little ornaments are easy to make, but you'll need to be able to use an iron and do a basic hand stitch with fabric. The great thing is, they don't have to look perfect!

Supplies Needed:

  • Felt (in black or whatever other colors you want for the body of your ornament)

  • Iron-on Pellon

  • Sheets of Heat 'n Bond

  • Embroidery thread & needle

  • Scissors

  • An iron

  • Printed pattern


1. Cut the pieces out of the pattern carefully.
2. Place pattern piece A on the color you have chosen for the body. Cut out one piece, then flip the pattern piece over and cut out a second one. Cut one side of the pattern out of the piece of Pellon.
3. Do the same on the black felt with pieces B-F, as well as two pieces of Heat 'n Bond for each. 4. Place the black pieces (except the wheels) on the body of the RV where they belong, with a Heat 'n Bond piece between it and the body. Use your iron to heat the fabric and turn the Heat 'n Bond piece to glue. Allow it to cool completely before moving on.
5. Take the two body pieces and place them together with the sides with the windows and doors facing out and the piece of Pellon in between. Tuck the wheels up in between so they stick out into the wheel wells. 6. Using the embroidery thread and needle, create a running stitch around the outside of the body with a coordinating or matching color. Do the same for the wheels. 7. Using another piece of the embroidery thread, push it through the top of the ornament with the needle. Remove the needle and create a loop tied at the top so you can hang the ornament.
Hang these cute little ornaments around the RV, on the tree, and wrap some up gifts for your RVing friends!

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