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Happy Holidays! RV Christmas Tree Ideas

Just because you can’t decorate quite as extravagantly in your RV as you might be able to at home doesn’t mean you can’t still infuse some of that festive winter cheer into your rig this holiday season! Check out our space-saving RV Christmas tree ideas below and have a happy holiday no matter where you are or where you’re headed!

Christmas Tree Alternatives

Sadly, those fragrant Douglas firs and traditional pine trees don’t have any business being in an RV. With their bulky branches and towering heights, the room just isn’t available to fit a real tree inside your RV this season. But before you start turning into a total Scrooge, consider some of these possible alternatives:

  • Half Trees - If you really don’t want to sacrifice the look of a tall, green Christmas tree this year, consider compromising by getting half a tree. That’s right, these artificial trees offer all the same aesthetic beauty of a traditional Christmas tree, except they come in either halves or quarters so you can tuck them into a corner or hang them on a wall to save space. They can be found for purchase at stores like Walmart and Target.

  • Wreaths - Hanging ornaments on a wreath can be a great alternative to decorating a Christmas tree. They are easy to hang, and when displayed they will take up very little room within your RV. You can also hang them on your front grill or front door to add a little bit of holiday cheer that your neighbors at the RV park can enjoy too!

  • Table Top Trees - This option is probably one of the easiest and most ideal alternatives to having a full-fledged Christmas tree in your RV. They are widely available for purchase, they’re easy to store, and they’re easy to display too! Simply set one on your countertop, dinette table, or dashboard and decorate it according to your own personal tastes.

DIY Christmas Trees

If you don’t have the space for a real Christmas tree, but you don’t want to purchase a store-made alternative, consider making your own this year with some of these amazing DIY Christmas tree ideas:

  • Branch Tree - To make, cut about five branches into increasingly larger lengths and string them together horizontally from shortest (at the top) to longest. At the bottom, attach a short, thick branch so that it hangs down vertically to create the trunk of the tree. Adorn the very top with a star and hang ornaments from the branches.

  • Cardboard Tree - Draw the outline of a tree onto cardboard before cutting out your template. Zig-zag string across the cardboard to resemble Christmas lights, and make sure the string is taut. You can then stick your holiday cards into the string to put them on display and to decorate your tree!

  • Chalkboard Tree - Some RVers chalk paint their doors, refrigerators, or cabinetry. If you are one of these people, consider sketching out a Christmas tree on your chalkboard. Then, once the year ends, you can simply wipe it away and start planning a new chalk-drawn decoration for the next upcoming holiday.

  • Paper Print Tree - Take advantage of unused wall space by printing out a poster-sized image of a tree at a store like Kinko’s or Walgreens. Then make fun, personalized ornaments and tape them onto the tree to decorate it!

  • String of Lights Tree - Trace the outline of a tree and use it as a guide to string up lights onto your RV's wall. Command hooks can be used to secure your lights without leaving permanent marks behind. Once you hang the lights, they should resemble the shape of a Christmas tree.

  • Washi Tape Tree - The popular Japanese craft tape, known as Washi Tape, can be used to make an adorable Christmas tree for your RV. To make, simply trace a Christmas tree onto your wall and cover your outline with your preferred pattern of Washi Tape. This product is inexpensive, eye-catching, and easy to remove once the holiday season passes.

  • Bough Vase Tree - To make, head outside and snip off a few branches from a nearby pine. Then bring them inside your RV and put them in a decorative vase filled partially with water. Spiff them up with lights or ornaments. This alternative might be the best way to bring the real-tree aroma inside your RV this Christmas!

Now that you’ve got some RV Christmas tree ideas that will save on space and spoil you with holiday cheer, hopefully all you've got left to worry about before Christmas now is finding the right presents to place below your tree! Happy Holidays!

Do you have any other ideas to add to our list of RV tree alternatives? Share them by dropping us a comment.

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