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Give Your RV Fridge A New Inside Look With Paper!

At Hamilton’s RV in Saginaw, MI, we’re always looking for ways to help you customize and beautify your RV to make it feel more like home! Some add-ons and modifications, like an upgraded graphics package or an exterior entertainment center, can be taken care of when you order your RV. Other more simple mods, like re-covering dinette cushions or updating window treatments, you can have fun doing yourself. This particular DIY project is an example of a fun, easy way to add character and color to an otherwise boring RV appliance—the stark white refrigerator. Take that refrigerator from uninspiring to supercool by giving it a designer look with decorative shelf paper! In just minutes your fridge will go from drab to fab and you’ll be one step closer to feeling right at home in the great outdoors.

 How To Apply Shelf Paper

Materials Needed:

Decorative refrigerator liners

Measuring tape




  1. Clean and dry all the surfaces you’re planning to cover with the liners.

  2. Measure one shelf at a time and cut a piece of liner so that it fits perfectly.

  3. Lay the pieces on the shelves or in the drawers, flattening them along the bottom. Trim the sides if needed.

  4. Voila! Just like that your shelves and drawers now have a style all their own!

 Washable Or Toss-able? How To Choose?

There are two types of refrigerator liners to choose from: washable and disposable. Washable liners, like this set of 6 liners from DII, can easily be removed when they get spilled or dripped on, and either washed by hand in the sink or even tossed in the washing machine. The grippy bottom keeps them in place yet makes them easy to peel off and then replace once they’re clean. These anti-microbial mats also soak up spills and dry quickly without losing their shape. Available in 9 different colors and patterns, there’s definitely one that’ll suit your style.

Disposable liners, while a little more high maintenance, come in an endless variety of colors and patterns! Most are constructed with an adhesive backing that is easy to reposition to get the proper placement when installing. The only downside to using a disposable liner is that you’ll have to cut and replace new ones every time your existing ones get dirty or you want a new look. While this can be a little time consuming, I think it’s worth it for the endless design choices that are out there, like on Chic Shelf Paper’s site! You can also come across fun rolls of paper at stores like TJMaxx, Home Goods, Target, and other home stores.

Save the next rainy day for this fun RV update that’s so easy and affordable. Once your new refrigerator shelf liners are installed, you’ll have a chic, totally stylish surprise every time you open the fridge to grab a drink or start dinner. Even small modifications like this will help to transform your RV from that right-off-the-assembly-line look to one that shows off your style and personality.

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