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Fun Camping Activities

Camping is a great opportunity to take a mental break from the stresses and monotony of day-to-day life. It gives you a chance to relax in the fresh open air and soak up the beauty of the natural world. So, make the most of your time in the great outdoors and create some everlasting memories while you're at it with these fun camping activities.

Explore Nature

Foster your appreciation for the great outdoors by exploring it! You’re never more encouraged to spend time outside than when you’re camping. So, take advantage of clear skies and sunshine and see as much of the natural world as you can, while you can.

Geocaching: For an adventurous activity that is fun for campers of all ages, attempt a geocache. This global game of hide-and-seek transforms campers into treasure hunters for a fun afternoon of exploration and excitement. For another fun activity, consider creating your own geocache for others to find!

Hike & Picnic: Find a nice walking trail and take in the scenery on foot. Hiking gives you the unique opportunity to experience nature up close, and who knows, you might even spot some wildlife on your journey! Pack some snacks and seek out a scenic place to have a picnic. Then, with your belly full, head back out to explore some more!

Catch a Sunset: The sun rises and sets everyday, but it isn’t everyday that you get to watch it. So, when you do have the opportunity, take advantage! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the sky shift and change into a multi-color show. Get up early and start your day off with a one-of-a-kind sunrise, or end your day on the perfect note with a breathtaking sunset.

Stargaze: Just because the sun is down, it doesn’t mean it’s time to go to bed! Stay up and gaze at the sprawling speckled sky. Identify and learn about different constellations, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for shooting stars as you look up at all the mystery of our wondrous solar system.

Get Crafty

Mix things up during your next camping adventure with some fun crafts that are sure to get your creative juices flowing! Bring some materials from home and use what nature provides to create beautiful works of art and lasting memories.

Campfire Color Changers: Come prepared with the proper powders and transform your traditional fire into a colored spectacle that will mesmerize campers. Different chemicals produce different colors, and you can buy them in powdered form from some grocery, hardware, and garden stores, or at chemical supply stores and fireplace shops.

Wind Chimes: Create something that will last for camping trips to come by making your very own set of wind chimes! With just a few relatively inexpensive materials, you can construct one-of-a-kind beautifully sounding wind chimes that can adorn your campsite and make you feel right at home in the great outdoors!

Rock Jewelry: Turn a small souvenir from your camping trip into a beautiful work of art you can wear! Bring along some wire, string, and scissors, and when you’re out exploring, keep an eye out for unique rocks and pretty stones. Back at the campsite, wrap the wire around your rock to secure it before looping your string through the wire to complete your necklace!

Leaf Art: Let your little campers get creative with nature by making masterpieces out of leaves. Have them collect leaves of all shapes, colors, and sizes and see what images they can create. Let them get imaginative and encourage them to incorporate flower petals, sticks, and acorns too. This fun camping activity just might tempt you to join the kids and create some leaf art of your own!

Play Games

Share a few laughs and unleash your competitive side by playing some fun camping games! Along with being highly entertaining, games are a great chance for campers to relax, bond, and build some unforgettable memories that will be re-told and reminisced on during future camping trips to come. If you catch a rainy day during your camping trip, board games can be a great substitute for some indoor fun.

Koob Game: This inexpensive and enjoyable game has been entertaining players for hundreds of years, and dates back to the days of the Vikings. Fun for both little campers and big campers alike, you can easily construct this game yourself and bring it along for any camping trip. To learn more about the Koob Game and how to play, click here.

Campfire Classics: It’s the perfect time to play a game when campers are all circled around a toasty fire. Timeless activities like Telephone and sharing ghosts stories are always great options, but there are a lot more out there to choose from. Add-on stories are a fun way to collaborate and get creative by making up silly stories as a group, one sentence at a time. Or, challenge your memory with a game of Noah’s Ark. Campfire games are great because most often, you only need your imagination to play!

Lawn Bowling: You’ll need to have lawn bowls to play this game, but the fun is worth it! Once you have the materials you need, you can play this game anywhere you can find a patch of grass, making it a great activity to play while camping. Click here to learn more about lawn bowling and how to play.

Hillbilly Golf: This family-friendly game has also been called ladder ball, bola ball, and ladder toss, but the fun is all the same regardless of what you call it! This game can be assembled, transported, and played just about anywhere, and it’s fun for campers of all ages. To learn how you can create your own hillbilly golf set, click here, and have a blast playing it during your next camping adventure!

No matter what draws you into the camping lifestyle, there is so much to do outside and never enough time to do it all. So, fill your days with fun camping activities and make the most of your outdoor experience!

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