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DIY Shoe Storage Pegs! Easy To Make!

Are you tired of shoes cluttering up your RV’s entryway? It’s just too easy to walk in, slip off your shoes, and walk away! Most RVs don’t even come equipped with the space to easily store shoes, so there are only so many spots to put them! Here’s an easy solution! Make up a couple of these DIY shoe storage peg boards! They’re fairly easy to make if you have the tools at your disposal, and will keep you from losing your mind over the lack of organization of your RV! Here’s how to make them!

Materials Needed:

  • Pallet boards or 1 x 4 boards (you’ll want a board at least ¾"-1" thick)

  • Shaker pegs (in multiples of two)

  • Nail or awl (optional)

  • Drill press or hand drill

  • Wood glue

  • Level



Measure the middle of the board lengthwise, and use a pencil and a straight edge to draw a line the entire length of the board.

  2. Make a mark about every four inches to mark where you’d like your pegs to go. You can make them closer together if you’d like, it just depends on the amount and size of your shoes!

  3. Start out each hole with a nail or awl indentation on each peg mark to make it easier to drill the hole (optional).

  4. Use a drill bit or hand drill to create holes. Just be sure you know ahead of time how big you need to make the holes according to the diameter of your pegs so that they aren’t too small or too large! If you are using a drill press, try to drill the holes at a slight upward angle, as they’ll allow the pegs to hold shoes a bit better! If you’re using a hand drill, you'll have to make sure to keep the drill straight so that your pegs don’t sit crookedly

  5. Hang the board on the wall in the desired location (near a door is optimal!). Ensure that it is level, as it will be important in your next step!

  6. Using wood glue, secure the pegs into your holes, taking care to make sure they sit evenly and aren’t crooked! Let the glue start to firm up, and set a level across all the pegs to ensure that they are straight! Use a hammer to lightly tap pegs into the desired position, then let the glue dry!

  7. Paint your board any way you’d like! You can choose a color to match your RV’s color scheme, or can decorate it with a design that reflects your style! Hang your shoes up and enjoy the lack of clutter in your RV’s entryway!

With a little elbow grease and the right tools, these DIY shoe storage pegs are easy to make! Just remember to take caution when mounting the boards to the wall to avoid hitting wiring or anything else important! Now your shoes will be up off the floor and your RV will feel cleaner and more spacious! Have any other clever ideas for shoe storage in RVs? Leave us a comment to share your thoughts!

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