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Craft Your Own Reusable Marshmallow Sticks

If you head to the store you can usually find those wooden roasting sticks for around 50¢ a piece. Sounds like a bargain right? Not when you consider you’re holding a piece of wood over a fire. This wood is just as flammable as the wood you’re burning so they don’t last long. Over time, that 50¢ adds up. Buying reusable roasting sticks has it’s own downfalls. They’re made of metal and while that’s great to keep them from catching fire, the heat travels through them and usually ends up making it to your hand. So, why not craft your own reusable marshmallow sticks for a one time, pretty inexpensive cost that won’t blister your hand? You can also customize each stick so that kids won’t fight over whose was whose! If his is green and hers is red, they know which one is theirs. Because if you’re a parent, you know that kids will fight over anything, including which roasting stick they use! Let’s get cracking!


Two wooden round dowels that are 3/8” x 48”
4 Metal kabob skewers
A drill and drill bit the same size as your skewers
Gorilla glue


1. Cut each dowel in half. If you don’t have a saw to use, just have the dowels cut at the store you purchase them from. Usually Lowe’s and The Home Depot will do this without hesitation. 2. In one end of each piece of dowel, drill a hole deep down into the center. 3. Use your paint to customize your sticks. 4. Add gorilla glue down into the hole and then stick your skewer down into the hole, adding more glue if needed. Note: If your skewers have a handle or a loop bent into them you need to deal with that first. Remove the handle, bend the loop straight, or just cut that end off. One your glue is dried, slap some marshmallows on them and whip up some s’mores!

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