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Best Gear/Tech for an Office on the Road

With more and more opportunities offered for working remotely, the RVing lifestyle is becoming increasingly more viable. But creating a functional work space without sacrificing too much room can be challenging. Luckily, plenty of on-the-go gadgets are available to help you make the most of your limited space. Transform a section of your RV into a practical work station by checking out our line up of the best gear/tech for an office on the road!

Carrying Cases/Organizers

Keeping your office essentials organized is imperative to fostering a productive environment that is conducive to getting work accomplished. Knomo Knomad bags and portable organizers aren't just ideal for practical reasons, they also come in a variety of sleek designs and colors so they're both functional and fashionable. Similarly, Booq bags are well designed and made of high-quality materials that aren't just durable, they're pretty innovative too. Choose between briefcase-styled bags like the Saddle Pro, or opt for a backpack design like the Cobra Pack Pro.

Routers/Wireless Internet

Most all people who work remotely require an Internet connection in order to complete their tasks. Relying on Wi-Fi hotspots as you travel can be unstable, so if you want a consistent source of connectivity, you'll want to consider getting your own mobile network. The MiFi Jetpack® by Verizon lets you connect multiple devices from almost anywhere - even outside the country! HooToo wireless travel routers also let you create your own secure Wi-Fi network so you can enjoy streaming media easily on the go.


Although not everyone needs a printer or scanner in their mobile office, those who do need them want them to be compact. Big, bulky printers have no place in RVs. Look for smaller, all-in-one options like the HP Photosmart, which allows you to scan, copy, and print wirelessly. If you really only need a device to condense your paper documents down into digital form, consider just getting a scanner as it will take up considerably less space than an all-in-one option. The Epson WorkForce portable scanner is a small, lightweight model that makes a great addition to any RV office space.

External Power Banks

You might feel a mild panic set in when your phone goes dead and leaves you with nothing but a dreaded blank screen. Before you can connect with your devices you'll first need to keep them powered up, so pack along an external power bank for peace of mind. These back-up banks allow you to store energy so it can later be used to charge up your mobile devices. The Moshi IonBank 5k and the Ventev PowerCell 6000 are constructed using a traditional design and they've both been well-received by consumers. The Nokia Portable Wireless Charging Plate allows for effortless charging without the hassle of plugging in wires. Solar USB chargers are another great option which allows you to harness the power of the sun to charge up your devices!


When you're trying to focus and stay productive, slipping on a pair of headphones and shutting out the world can be a very effective way of creating the mental headspace you need to stay on task without distractions. Plantronics BackBeat SENSE headphones offer leading-edge technology that is particularly conducive to the RVing lifestyle. These headphones come with smart sensors that pause streaming audio when you remove them, and resume playing when you put them back on. With this power-conserving technology, its 18-hour battery life will seem to last much longer.

USB Wi-Fi Adapter

When you're trying to connect to spotty campground Wi-Fi, having a USB Wi-Fi adapter can make all the difference. Models like the Amped wireless USB adapter claim to double your Wi-Fi range, possibly giving you the boost you need to make a solid and reliable connection. These handy devices plug right into the USB port to bring you a stronger signal and faster speeds.

Fix Cord Fiascos

Keep those cords and wires (and their inevitable tangles) to a minimum with these useful office gadgets! Brunton Power Knife - It might look and sound like a gadget for survival, but it's actually an office accessory! This power knife lets you keep your charging adapters organized and coupled together so they don't get knotted, but yet they remain together in one spot. USB Multipart Hubs - Using the same concept as the Brunton Power Knife, USB hubs still organize and compile your cords, but they are styled in a way that makes them resemble an octopus rather than a pocket knife. Cord Clips - Avoid having to crawl around on the floor to locate your cords and wires by using cord clips like CableDrops! These small clips can be found in a variety of stylish colors, and they ensure that your wires remain clipped into a set spot so you can access them easily.

Add-On Accessories

Take your mobile workspace to the next level with some of these functional accessories that are crafted for small, yet effective, on-the-go offices! Clip-On Cup Holder - Setting your morning coffee or afternoon soda on the same surface as your expensive electronics can be cause for concern. Have peace of mind that you won't spill by using a cup holder that clips to the edge of your desk, such as the Drinklip Portable Cupholder available on Amazon. Luxafor- Designed to promote an interruption-free work zone, this LED light displays when you can, and can't, be interrupted by those around you. It also notifies you of important incoming information like emails and calendar alerts. Portable Shredder - Easily shred confidential documents on the go with a portable paper shredder. You can find these in automatic USB designs or manual hand-crank models.
When you have a dynamic and functional workspace in your RV, your office is always with you! Do you work on the open road? Let us know some of the must-have gear/tech accessories that you can't go without! Or send us pics of your RV work space!

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