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Apps That Help With Boondocking

There’s a lot of leg work that goes into boondocking and dry camping. Why not make it easier with some apps? Apps are more available and typically have more features than just a standard website. Many times you can store your own information in them, keep tabs on different things you’ve seen, and access most of the features without wifi or a cell signal. When you’re out there boondocking you need to find a place to camp, make sure it’s safe, ensure you’re allowed to be there, and find a place to fill/dump your tanks! There are lots of apps out there that help with boondocking and dry camping, so we’ve taken a look at them, narrowing them down to the most useful and worth-while apps that help with boondocking.

Locating a Site

Whether you want to dry camp in a parking lot or boondock in the middle of nowhere, you'll need to find a spot that permits camping. It’s never good to get a knock on your RV door at night from someone telling you that you need to move. These apps will help you find the perfect spot so you can rest comfortably!

RV Overnight

RV Overnight lets you find a place you can park your RV for the night for free. This can be a campground, truck stop, casino, chain store, or other places. You can allow the app to use your location and find places near you, or search a specific area of your choosing. There is a free version and a paid version, and in looking at the reviews for the paid version, it seems there’s not much more offered there than with the free one. So save your money and check out this free version using the link below!

iTunes | Google Play


Powered by boondocking.org, this app will help you find places to stay! This one is generally updated by users and you can get even more information on specifics of the site. If you find a place you really like, you can mark and save it in the app so you can come back later. Want to stay at a specific elevation? You can set this app to a level and it will only show you sites within that range!


Free Campsites

If you want an actual campsite in the middle of nowhere, this is the app for you. It will scan for land owned by the state and federal government where you can park your rig and enjoy the solitude! You can see the sites on an interactive map and read what types they are. Narrow your search results to exactly what you’re looking for so you don’t have to sift through the ones that don’t fit your needs.

Google Play

Crime and Place

Crime and Place is especially helpful when you’re dry camping in parking lots. This amazing compass will let you know what the crime rate in the area is like, so you don’t find yourself sleeping in a sketchy area and possibly becoming a victim. It has a colored coded map that will update as you travel so you can find the safest place to set up. If you want, you can set it up to actually notify you of when you enter a high crime area so you can change your route if desired.


On The Road

No matter where you go, you have to get there first! These apps will help you with directions, places to go, and staying in touch! The folded up map in the glove box can only do so much. Check out all the extras these apps have to offer!


Not only is it gross to dump your tanks on the ground, it’s illegal! With the SaniDumps app you can look up dumping stations either near you or in a specific area. It will give you color coded pins on the map that represent the price per dump so you know exactly what to expect. You can even check out other useful information on the site such as when they’re open or closed, if you can get water, whether it can handle a big rig, and more. This app has a free version as well, making it one of our top favorites!
iTunes | Google Play


With the AroundMe app you can easily find what else is in the area you’re in. This includes things like banks, restaurants, leisure activities, places to eat, gas stations, medical facilities, and much more. You can save the locations in the app, your contacts, or email it to someone else if you want them to meet you somewhere! This is another free app and it has great reviews from the users!
iTunes | Google Play


When you’re on your way to your destination it can get pretty frustrating that there’s not a ton of notice on what is coming at the next exit until you’re right on top of it. With iExit you can search the next 100 exits from where you are and see what types of things will be headed your way. You can even put in a specific business, such as Starbucks, and see where the next closest one will be! No more driving around without your morning coffee! Find whatever you need along your route with this awesome free app!
iTunes | Google Play


“Where are you?” is a pretty common text if you’re headed to visit someone. Texting back while driving can be a very dangerous thing. Not only does it take your eyes off the road, putting you in danger of an accident, but  it also puts you at risk for a hefty ticket! Set them up with Glympse and they can see exactly where you are and your ETA! This is a much safer way to let someone know where you are instead of texting them back while behind the wheel!
iTunes | Google Play

The Great Outdoors

If you’re the type of boondocker who loves to be in the middle of nowhere then you probably want to connect with nature while you’re out. These apps will help you find outdoor activities to do and identify some of the attractions around you! From trails to plants and animals, these apps will help acclimate you to your surroundings.

Audubon Birds

Birds are everywhere and sometimes you can spot some interesting ones you’ve never seen before. If you wonder what these birds are, you can look them up on this amazing app. There are 821 species of birds that can be identified, over 3,000 photos, and 8 hours of recorded bird sounds to help you figure out what you’re looking at or listening to.
iTunes | Google Play


You may want to know what kind of plants are around you as you stroll through the woods. This could be due to a horticulture interest, pure curiosity, or to make sure you’re not about to trek through a bunch of poisoned plats that will have you itching for the rest of your trip. With LeafSnap you can take a photo of the leaf and the app will identify what plant it is.


Feel like going on a hike but you don’t know much about the area? AllTrails will help you find hiking and biking trails near you! This app has tons of maps and offers a great way to interact with friends that have it too! Save your favorite trails, look for pet-friendly routes, and get driving directions to the trails that aren’t right there!
iTunes | Google Play


With all those stars overhead, wouldn’t it be nice to know what you’re looking at? With SkyView you can! Figure out what’s overhead, what direction to look for specific stars or planets, and how to identify constellations! See something moving across the sky? You can even track things with this app!
iTunes | Google Play


Find your dinner catch quickly with the Fishidy app! This app has tons of interactive fishing maps that will help you find the best places to cast your line. You can save your spots, share information and photos, and check the weather when you log in! Having a hard time catching anything? Check out the tips and tricks on things like what type of bait to used, best time of day, and more!
iTunes | Google Play

Wilderness Survival

Sometimes you like to rough it and that means that you may need to know some survival skills. This could be by choice or by necessity, in the event that you get lost and have to make it in the wild until you’re found. With Wilderness Survival you’ll have tips like building a shelter, making a fire, trapping food, and signaling for help! This app is a must for anyone who ventures deep into the woods, especially if they’re alone or with a small party.

Other Apps

These apps don’t really fit into one of our specific categories but we couldn’t leave them out! They will help you with some common camping predicaments and are definitely worth checking out! See what these have to offer, and you won’t be disappointed.

Soar Tilt

If you have solar panels then you can get electricity anywhere you go, as long as the sun is shining. Solar tilt will find where you are and then, based on the time of day and location, it will give you a precise angle to tilt the panels for maximum exposure! The more sun you can get on the panels, the more they can store for later. With this app you’ll get the most out of your solar panels each time you head out.
Google Play

First Aid by American Red Cross

Injuries and illnesses are never a planned thing, but they can happen. Make sure you’re ready to deal with whatever life may throw at you with this app by the Red Cross. They’ll give you step-by-step instructions on how to deal with things like bleeding, choking, CPR, allergic reactions, and so much more! This app is a good one to have on hand no matter where you are!
iTunes | Google Play

Camping doesn’t have to be bare bones! Technology offers some amazing tools to help keep you safe and ensure you have the best time possible. Get these downloaded today so you can make the most out of your next trip.

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