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Agritourism - Great Farms that Host RVers

Are those RV parks and ritzy camping resorts all starting to feel the same? Ready to swap the concrete expanses for a vibrant green countryside? Agritourism offers an alternative to the traditional suburbanized RV experience by offering RVers the opportunity to stay on natural, relaxing farms rather than crowded, cookie-cutter RV parks. There are plenty of great farms that host RVers and a few great resources to help you get connected with them too!

What Is Agritourism?

As the name implies, Agritourism blends tourism with agriculture. While offering you the opportunity to stay in unique places, it offers hosts the opportunity to welcome visitors into their way of life. You won't just get a relaxing outdoor setting to enjoy, you'll also get an education on how your food is produced and accessibility to healthy, nutritional produce and locally-made goods. It's really an opportunity to meet new people and expose yourself to new ways of living.

Farms That Host RVers

It's estimated that there are somewhere around 65,000 farms and ranches across the United States and Canada that welcome visits from the public. While rates and amenities vary from location to location, plenty of farms offer a relaxing camping atmosphere at comparable prices. Below are just a few of the options available to you. Give them a call and start planning your agritourism adventure today! Thus Far Farm Passed down through the family, Thus Far Farm is rich with natural beauty and homegrown charm! The farm is located in Westminster, South Carolina, and when you plan your stay here you can enjoy insights into sustainable farming, natural methods of producing crops, and plenty of adorable farm animals too! Contact owners Mary and Bill McGinn to schedule your visit to this peaceful and picturesque destination. High Country Alpaca Ranch Offering hookups, camping sites, grills, and even a dog run, this farm, located in Fench Lake, New Mexico, is a lovely destination for RVers. When you plan your stay here you can learn about animal husbandry and pick up some sweet alpaca swag like a cozy pair of socks made from alpaca fleece. Contact owners John and Carolyn Fifield to schedule your visit to this alpaca-abound paradise! Harvest Village Owned and operated by Arlene and Dan Cool, this farm offers a laid-back atmosphere where you can discover more about organic farming and healthy living. Located in LeRoy, MI, this farm is less than two hours away from our Hamilton RV dealership lot! When you plan you visit here you can enjoy access to a variety of fresh, local goods such as canned jam, free range chicken eggs, and apple cider! Territorial Bed & Breakfast & Barn Located in the lush wine country west of Junction City, Oregon, this farm offers an amazingly picturesque backdrop which sets the scene for an incredible experience you won't soon forget. With RV and horse trailer living quarters, this destination is ideal for equestrian lovers! When you stay here you can immerse yourself in simple living, take peaceful walks in the pastures, and help tend to the horses! Contact owner Mary Schoenheit to plan your visit.

Harvest Hosts

Created by travelers Kim and Don Greene, Harvest Hosts is a website designed by RVers for RVers. As a network to connect farms and vineyards with RVers specifically, a membership to Harvest Hosts might be one of the best resources available to find places to stay. Membership is $44 for a year which gets you a customizable host list, an interactive search map of host's various locations, custom trip routing, a host directory, and the ability to views photos, comments, and reviews directly on the host pages. You don't have to work at the farms nor are you required to pay a "fee" to your hosts, although it is asked that you make a purchase from them to show your gratitude. What better way to have easy accessibility to fresh, local goods than by staying at the places that produce them! Around 50% of the locations are farms, while the other 50% are wineries. Most places don't offer any hookups, although a small portion do offer electricity or water. This will be indicated on the host's page on Harvest Hosts' site. With a membership, you'll get beautiful places to stay overnight for free, and you'll also get the chance to help local agricultural operations thrive!
When you choose agritourism over commercialized tourism, you are choosing a more meaningful place to stay which will enhance your journey as a whole. Take on this opportunity and enjoy unexpected interactions and experiences that will give you profound new insights into agriculture, nature, and country living. Tell us all about your agritourism experience in the comments below!

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