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Affordable RV Makeover Ideas With Spray Paint

You don’t have to fork over a fortune to transform your RV! All you need is the do-it-yourself mentality and a burst of inspiration! Bring your old and outdated RV into the current century by trying out some of these affordable RV makeover ideas with spray paint!

Wait, Did You Say Spray Paint?

Yep, that’s right! Spray paint offers an inexpensive DIY alternative to a complete RV demolition and renovation. Not only is it a product that’s easy to work with, but it also offers a variety of project possibilities. Some of the reliable brands we’ve seen used are Rust-Oleum® and Krylon®, both of which provide an extensive collection of spray paints that are compatible with a broad range of surfaces in a broad range of colors and styles. Get creative, the possibilities are endless!

Prepping the Project Area

Before you start shaking that spray can, you’ll first need to take the time to prep your project area. This will involve removing any dirt or grime from the object or area you aim to spray paint. If the item can be removed from your RV, take it outside so you can paint it in the fresh, open air without worry of overspray or fume inhalation. If your item can’t be removed, tape off all the areas around it that you don’t want sprayed. Hang up drop clothes or newspapers to protect from any accidental overspray. Be sure to scuff your surface with sandpaper before spraying. Don’t rush through these steps - patience when starting out your project will only help it turn out better in the end.

Basic Restorations For Big Improvements

Completely transform the look and feel of your RV with these basic RV makeover ideas using nothing but spray paint and a little sweat:

Outlet Covers - Upgrade dingy, sun-dulled outlet covers with a dousing of clean white universal spray paint or metallic universal spray paint for a more trendy look.

Shower Fixtures - Get rid of water stains and rust on your shower head, knobs, and drain with Rust-Oleum’s fade/chip resistant and rust preventive metallic spray paints.

Lighting Fixtures - Give those outdated brass lighting fixtures a modern update! Transform already existing fixtures or spray paint something new to better match your design tastes.

Cabinetry - Painting your cabinets will completely change the look of your RV’s interior. Remove the doors and drawers to paint them outside, and label them with masking tape so you can remember where they go back once finished.

Hardware - Upgrade cabinet handles, hinges, and knobs with a fresh coat of spray paint in a chic color that accents your newly painted cabinetry! We like oil-rubbed bronze or iced gray!

Countertops - Get the illusion of high-end countertops with a simple can of spray paint! Rust-Oleum’s stone spray paint offers a natural stone look in a textured and multi-toned finish. Excel’s granite spray finish and marble spray finish are also stylish alternatives.

Some Inspiration To Get You Started!

Use spray paint to think outside the box with these original and atypical ideas for giving your RV an avant-garde makeover that sets it apart from the rest!

Chalkboard Change Up - Use chalkboard spray paint in combination with a magnetic primer to transform your fridge front into an interactive grocery list! You can also use chalkboard spray paint on a few of your cabinet doors too for a fun, funky, and functional accent!

Seduce With Stainless Steel - Krylon stainless steel finish spray paint can give your old RV appliances the renewed look they need to match the rest of your renovated kitchen. For the oven, be sure to use a high-heat spray paint and avoid applying it to areas that are directly exposed to flame.

Repurpose and Redecorate- Recycle old tin cans by making decorative and practical use of them! Coat a few with a chic metallic copper spray paint and embrace your green thumb by planting an herb garden for your RV’s window sill!

Stencil a Masterpiece - Use Rust-Oleum’s FlexiDip Removable Rubber Coating to make zero-commitment designs on your RVs windows and doors. Be sure to use a stencil adhesive spray for clean and clear lines. This product is great for adding temporary seasonal adornments to your rig.

Create a Cosmic Glow - Take your RV bunkhouse from average to awesome with glow-in-the-dark spray paint! Coat the fronts of wardrobe drawers, spray cardboard stars and create a speckled sky on the ceiling, or paint fan blades for a funky and unique look your kids will love!

Completion and Aftercare

Regardless of which projects you choose to undertake, you’ll want to make sure you give your spray paint plenty of time to dry before adding on another coat. After you’ve let your paint cure completely, use a polyurethane paint sealant or another protective finish to preserve its look and longevity.

Just because your RV was made in a previous decade doesn’t mean it has to look that way! These affordable RV makeover ideas with spray paint let you enjoy luxury on a smaller budget, so you don’t have to sacrifice your savings to live in style!

Let us know how your projects turned out in the comments, and share photos with us on Instagram! We'd love to see your RV makeovers!

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