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5 Famous RVs You Will Recognize From Hollywood

RVs aren’t just stars of the roadway, they’re stars of the big screen too! With an array of successful blockbuster roles ranging from TV to movie performances, RVs have earned their place amongst Hollywood’s finest. While an RV may not have ever won an Oscar, Emmy, or a Golden Globe, they have surely won over our hearts with these 5 famous RVs you will recognize from Hollywood:

Fleetwood Bounder | Breaking Bad

Who could forget that beige beauty that served as Walter White’s mobile meth lab in the hit series Breaking Bad? Affectionately known as “The Krystal Ship,” the Fleetwood Bounder used in the TV show treated Walter and Jesse to some epic misadventures before meeting its demise in season 3.

Forest River Georgetown | RV

Despite starring the late, great actor Robin Williams, it is actually the bright green Forest River Georgetown that steals the show in this road comedy film appropriately titled RV. From black tank fiascos to varmint invasions, this movie is an homage to everything that can go horribly wrong on a family RVing vacation.

Winnebago Chieftan | The Walking Dead

The first two seasons of the critically-acclaimed AMC show, The Walking Dead, were dominated with scenes of Dale’s Winnebago Chieftain. This star RV served characters well as a place to stockpile supplies, while also doubling as a weapon used to plow down approaching walkers. The Winnebago eventually made its fiery farewell at the end of season two.

Fleetwood Pace Arrow | Meet The Fockers

Meet The Fockers was the highly-anticipated sequel to the comedy classic Meet The Parents, starring Ben Stiller and Robert DeNiro. In the movie, DeNiro’s character drives a high-tech Fleetwood Pace Arrow to meet his son-in-law’s parents. The Fleetwood certainly isn’t your average RV as it’s decked out in hidden modifications to double as a secret spy command post.

Coachmen Encounter | We’re The Millers

Nothing says innocent, law-abiding family quite like an RV. This fact is proven in the comedy film We’re The Millers, in which four acquaintances band together in a Coachmen Encounter to smuggle an obscene amount of marijuana across the border. One look at that stunning class A ride and it was smooth sailing all the way home (sort of).

For anyone who has ever adventured in an RV, it comes as no surprise that RVing forms the perfect plot foundation for a great Hollywood film. And these 5 famous on-screen RVs are a testament to that!

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